Les Eyzies de Tayac/Sireuil, Tamniès, Marquay :

Les Eyzies de Tayac, is called the « capital » of prehistory. It’s a  village in the middle of the Périgord Noir (cradle of the first European occidental cultures). Les Eyzies is nestled along the “Vézère” river a tributary of the Dordogne river. In and around the village are numerous caves, some of which have paintings and engravings, that are a must  see. You will also find the National Museum of Prehistory.

The area has many cultural and historical places to visit; more than 1200 castles as well as many churches originally roman art.

During the summer, several cultural festivals take place, such as the medieval city of Sarlat.

The Périgord is also known for its wonderful, generous and lush nature ( 40 varieties of wild orchid’s) and its excellent cuisine. (truffless, walnuts, chestnuts,  foie gras, mushrooms, Bordeaux and Bergerac wine...).

You can explore its vast woods on foot and  bike through the pitoresque villages, also play tennis, go horseback riding, or float down the Vézère or the Dordogne in a rented canoe kayak. If golf is your game, you’ll find both 9 and 18 hole courses, or maybe even go fishing...


L’étang de Tamniès:

About 5 minutes away  from “ La grèze” you have a nice lake with a sandbeach. This is a wonderful place to swim, sunbathe  and have picnic underneath the trees along the lake.

The Vézère and the Dordogne river also give you oportunities to go swimming



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